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A New Era for WNR

February 1, 2016 (Posted by The Jersey Devil) -- WNR is trying to find a new live streaming home following the departure of Live365 from the Internet radio scene.

In the meantime, you can listen to our playlists on Spotify. See the Listen page for details.

We'll keep you posted on further developments.

The New WNR Website

February 25, 2015 (Posted by The Jersey Devil) -- Eleven years is an eternity in Internet terms, so today's update of the WNR website is long overdue. I want to thank the great Chandler Simpson, who co-founded WNR with me back in 2003, for his work on our previous, long-lived site, as well as renowned recording engineer and studio chief Tyler Reynolds for his graphic contributions when I first got to know him as DJ Xile. Thanks are also due to Tim Feid (DJ Regular) and Tim Sharkey (DJ R3mix) for their considerable assistance over the years. Many others have lent a hand to WNR since its inception, and they will be part of a forthcoming "throwback" section on our "about" page.

One of my favorite features on the new site is sharing with you our Twitter timeline -- not so much the tweets we tweet but the tweets of the people we follow. I've made an effort to locate on Twitter as many of the artists we play as possible. There's now a Twitter list of those performers and some of their labels, and you can see the latest tweets from the people on that list throughout our new site.

Another new feature is an updated list of our current top tracks. There's also a link to our page at Last.FM where you can quickly find the last three hours or so worth of songs we've played and explore our most played songs and artists over the past year. We had to start fresh at Last.FM in February 2014 when we reached 1 million songs played -- the highest number of songs Last.FM allows any one user to "scrobble," as they call it. At some point I'll post a link to our original Last.FM page so you can see the breakdown of those 1 million songs.

I'll also give you regular updates on where in the world our station is reaching. I'd like to have an ongoing list of countries where people have listened to us. Over the 11-plus years we've been around, I wonder if we've reached every member country of the United Nations. Once I get to compiling the list, I suppose we will be able to know!

Thnak you for reading this and for your support of WNR. I hope we will continue to entertain you via the Internet for a long time.