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About WNR

WNR came to life as Wet Nose Radio in the summer of 2003, co-founded by two Internet radio pioneers, DJ Chan of Sugar Land, TX (who came up with the "eraser" logo at right) and The Jersey Devil of Asbury Park, NJ, whose broadcast career began in commercial radio while still in high school.

With a core of DJ colleagues from Seattle to the Florida panhandle and San Diego to Toronto, Chan and TJD quickly built the station's presence until it began 24 hour a day service via Live365.com in September of 2003. It remained as one of the longest running stations at the California-based Internet radio distributor until Live365 ceased operations on Jan. 31, 2016 due to onerous new music licensing fees.

The Jersey Devil continues to serve as music director of WNR and broadcasts live from 10 pm to midnight (US Eastern time) each Thursday evening on Krush Nation Radio at thekrushnation.com.

Until new live streaming arrangements can be made, WNR's playlists can be streamed by setting up a free account at spotify.com. See the Listen page for more details.